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What is a boning Knife?

What Is The Best Boning Knife of 2017? (My Picks with Reviews)

By Elena Martin

Ask any artisan that knows their craft and they will always tell you the same thing: it is had to do good work without the right tools.

This is true in your kitchen as much as it is in your garage or woodworking shop.

You need the right instruments in order to create something worthwhile and good.

Having the proper knife for each meat cutting chore in the kitchen is essential to preparing truly excellent food with a minimum amount of waste, and this is profoundly true when it comes to choosing the best boning knife for your knife block.

Comparison Chart




Dalstron VG-10

Dalstron VG10

Blade: Japanese Steel

Handle: Fiber Glass Resinl


Shun Premier Gokujo

Shun TDM0774

Blade: Damascus Stainless Steel

Handle: Fiber Glass Resinl


Global Cromova G-21

Global Cromova G-21.

Blade: Vanadium Stainless Steel

Handle: Hollow sand-filled


Wusthof Classic 

Wusthof Classic 6 inches

Blade: High-Carbon Stainless Steel

Handle: Composite Three Rivet


Dalstrong Gladiator Series

Dalstrong Gladiator Series

Blade: High-Carbon German Stainless Steel

Handle: Polished Three-Rivet Composite

Very flexible

Henckles International 5.5

J.A Heneckles International classic 5.5 boning Knife

Blade: Forged stainless steel blade

Handle: Plastic three-rivet


Victorinox Fibrox Pro

victorinox 6 inch Fibrox pro

Blade: High-Carbon Stainless Steel

Handle: Textured Fiberglass



1. Dalstrong Shogun Series VG-10

Those in need of a superb quality boning knife need look no further than Dalstrong’s Shogun Series boning knife.

Dalstrong Boning Knife

Beautiful design and perfect details.

Made from VG-10 Japanese steel that has been folded over 67 times, this knife is ideal for professionals who need to separate meat from bone effortlessly.

Dalstrong Shogun Serie VG10 review

Knife Information:

Blade Material: VG-10 Japanese Steel

Handle Material/Grip: G-10 Fiberglass Resinl/Smooth

Ease of Use: Exceptional

Size of the blade: 6 inches

Blade Type: Thin, Straight

Backed Boning Knife With an Arch

Flexibility: Stiff

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

Other than the fact that this is really a knife intended for use by professionals and may be more than a beginner needs in a boning knife, this is an exceptional quality knife that receives few, if any, complaints.

The Sweet
  • VG-10 Japanese steel 6” blade
  • Arched segment for working with fish and poultry
  • Stiff, straight blade for working with thicker cuts of meat
  • Thinner blade for less cutting resistance
The bitter
  • May be more than a beginner or amateur needs from their boning knife.

2. Shun Premier Gokujo (TDM0774)

Designed to fill multiple roles in your knife block, this Shun premier Gokujo knife lets you bone virtually and kind of meet and cut fillets quickly and easily.

Shun TDM0774 Fillet Knife

Totally in love with this fillet knife

Shun TDM0774 Review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialVG-MAX Damascus Stainless Steel

Handle Material/Grip: Polished sealed Pakkawood

Ease of Use: Moderately easy to use

Size of the blade: 6 inches

Blade Type: Curved Boning and Fillet Combination

Flexibility: Stiff

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

The blade does not have an arch, which can make it less than ideal for delicate corner work around small bones.

Additionally, combination knives tend to favor one purpose built task over another, and this knife is definitely superior when used as a fillet knife due to its curved blade and ultra-narrow width.

The Sweet
  • Dual-role combination blade for boning and filleting
  • Exceptionally sharp 6” VG-MAX Damascus Steel Blade
  • Stylish Pakkawood handle
The bitter
  • Combination knives tend to favor one role over the other, and this makes a better fillet knife than a boning knife for many tasks
  • Blade lacks an arch, making it less useful for cutting around or removing smaller bones

3. Global Cromova G-21

While not ideal for working with tougher meats like beef and pork, this Global G-21 boning knife is a standout performer with both fish and poultry, separating and removing even the most delicate of bones.

Global G-21 Boning Knife

My choice if i want a perfect result but I don´t have much space to work

Global G-21 Review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialVanadium Stainless Steel

Handle Material/Grip: Textured, hollow sand-filled grip

Ease of Use: Exceptional

Size of the blade: 6.25-inches

Blade Type: Straight boning blade

Flexibility: Flexible

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

This knife really doesn’t work very well for boning beef or pork, and it does lack an arch which comes in handy for working in exceptionally delicate boning such as quail.

The Sweet
  • Flexible and strong razor sharp vanadium stainless steel blade
  • Sand-filled, expertly balanced grip
  • Thin blade with exceptional cutting angle makes for quick work with fish and poultry
The bitter
  • Not especially suitable for working with more fibrous meats like beef and pork
  • No arch for extra-delicate boning work

4. Wusthof Classic 6-Inch

A professional quality classic with features experts and amateurs alike will appreciate,

Wusthof’s Classic is an excellent addition to any chef’s knife block.

Wushtof Classic 6 Inch

Perfect knife for boning Chicken: fast and easy.

Wusthof classic 6 Inch review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialHigh-Carbon Stainless Steel

Handle Material/Grip: Composite Three Rivet

Ease of Use: Easy to Use

Size of the blade: 6-inches

Blade Type: Arched, straight-back boning blade

Flexibility: Flexible

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

The narrow and flexible blade make boning poultry and fish fast and easy with one-stroke cutting.

Furthermore, the high-carbon stainless steel blade is easy to hone yourself, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance knife.

Best of all, the blade has a curved arch near the grip for extra-delicate boning work.

The Sweet
  • Strong flexible high-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Excepțional performance when working with poultry or fish
  • Easy to maintain yourself
The bitter
  • Not as effective at boning beef or pork
  • Arch is less pronounced than many similar boning blades

5. Dalstrong Gladiator Series

If you are in need of a good fillet knife that also works well for boning, this Dalstrong Gladiator Series Fillet knife is most likely going to fit the bill.

Made of high-carbon German steel, this fillet knife makes all your delicate cutting and boning fast and easy.

Dalstrong Fillet Knife gladiator serie

Beautiful arched narrow blade

Dalstrong Fillet Knife Gladiator serie review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialHigh-Carbon German Stainless Steel

Handle Material/Grip: Polished Three-Rivet Composite

Ease of Use: Exceptional

Size of the blade: 7-inches

Blade Type: Fillet

Flexibility: Very flexible

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

This knife is a superb blade for both delicate fillet cuts and boning fish and poultry.

Its curved narrow blade moves with little resistance through most meats, and the arch in the blade near the hilt makes even the most delicate boning work fast and easy.

The Sweet
  • Razor-sharp high-carbon German steel fillet blade
  • Double duty use for fillet cuts and boning
  • Fast and maneuverable blade with low cutting resistance
The bitter
  • Makes a better fillet knife than a boning knife

6. J. A Henckels International Classic

When you just need a basic boning knife that can handle nearly any kind of meat, the J.A. Henckels Class 5.5-Inch is a great choice for beginners and chefs on a budget.

J.A HENCKLES classic 5.5 Boning Knife

Perfect simplicity

J.A Henckles International Classic 5.5 Inch Review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialForged stainless steel blade

Handle Material/Grip: Plastic three-rivet

Ease of Use: Moderate

Size of the blade: 5.5-inches

Blade Type: Arched, straight back boning knife

Flexibility: Stiff

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

The blade width, cutting angle, and arch all make this an ideal knife for boning, regardless of if you are working with beef, poultry, or fish.

The addition of the arch near the hilt also makes it easier to use when working on more delicate boning work like fish and small poultry.

The Sweet
  • Excellent value for the cost for beginners
  • Sharp, rigid, versatile boning blade
  • Arched blade for delicate boning work
The bitter
  • Feels cheaply made
  • Requires more frequent sharpening

7. Victorinox Swiss Army 6 Inch

An excellent boning knife suitable for just about any boning task, Victorinox’ Swiss Army 6-Inch Fibrox Pro Boning Knife has a strong flexible blade that holds its edge beautifully.

Victorinox Fibrox pro Fillet Knife 6 Inch

A bit tricky for a beginner but definitely a great piece

Victorinos 6 Inch Boning Knife review

Knife Information:

Blade MaterialHigh-Carbon Stainless Steel

Handle Material/Grip: Textured Fiberglass

Ease of Use: Exceptional

Size of the blade: 6-inches

Blade Type: Arched, straight back blade

Flexibility: Flexible

  • What is Less-Than-Loveable

The handle doesn’t feel particularly heavy, and this does throw the balance of the knife slightly.

Additionally, the flexibility of the blade may make long, smooth cuts throug beef and pork more difficult to execute.

The Sweet
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Versatile boning knife works well with poultry, fish, and meat
  • Arch near the hilt makes this a star performer for delicate work
The bitter
  • Handle feels too light compared to comparable boning knives.
  • May not perform as well when boning beef or pork

Buyers Guide

What is a boning Knife?

What is a Boning Knife?

These are a type of kitchen knife with a sharp point and narrow blade that are primarily used for removing bones from poultry, meat, and fish.

They typically measure from 5-6 inches in length (although some manufacturers make boning knives with longer blades), their defining feature is their flat, narrow blade.

Different Types of Boning Knives and Their Uses

These useful kitchen knives come in a variety of styles, each with a specific purpose:


An excellent knife for for removing fish skin an bones in single pass, as well as smooth, clean strokes separating flesh from bone.

Curved boning Knife


The ideal boning knife for removing large masses of meat from large bones, and most chef and butchers prefer this style for working with beef.

straight boning knife


Preferred for working with fish and poultry as the flexibility is better for intricate jobs around tiny bones, this knife makes it easy to cut in tight corners and execute cuts around difficult shapes.

flexible boning knife


Used for tougher, thicker meat when a chef or butcher needs to stay the course over a distance.

These blades are also useful for portioning wider cuts as well.

Stiff boning Knife


Not every thin bladed boning knife is also flexible, as the thinner the blade the less resistance you will encounter while separating large sections of meat.

Thin Boning Knife


The kind of knife you need when portioning thick cuts of meat.

board boning Knife

What is The Difference Between a Fillet Knife and a Boning Knife?

These two distinct types of knives can be distinguished from one another by shape, design, and use.

Boning knife vs Fillet Knife

Boning knives have sharper tips and straighter blades than fillet knives, as this is necessary for piercing meat between flesh and bone.

Filleting knives are long and thin blades like boning knives, but they are thinner, more flexible, and extremely sharp with a finer points and a more sweeping curve than boning knives.

How to Choose Your Boning Knife

To choose the best boning knife, you need to determine what kind of meat from which you are typically removing bones.

If you bone poultry or fish frequently, a thinner and more flexible boning knife is best, preferably with an arched blade to make for easier single-pass cuts.

If you are working with beef, pork, or lamb on a regular basis, a stiffer blade that is slightly thicker will serve best for boning, especially when working with beef.

Focus on finding the right balance of stiffness and width for your typical boning chores in the kitchen, as versatility in one knife is sometimes superior to keeping multiple boning knives in your knife block.

Final veredict:

Hands-down, the best boning knife I've found is the  Dalstrong Shogun Series. VG-10.

It is rigid and strong enough to make working with thick cuts of beef and pork a breeze.

boning beef

The grip is comfortable, and reduces strain on the wrist and hands, while the arch in the blade near the hilt makes even the most challenging, delicate boning work fast and easy.

When shopping for a boning knife for your home or professional kitchen, the Dalstrong Shogun Series definitely warrants a first look.

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