What is the Best Ceramic Knife of 2018?(My Picks with Reviews)

Best Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives have one of the sharpest ratings on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, and as a result are very popular for fulfilling many different types of cutting needs.

Anybody who is looking for the best ceramic knife or knife set will not be let down by their smooth cuts, sharp blades, and long-lasting material design.

However, it is still imperative that you consider many different options so that you can get the best for your personal needs.

If you have been considering getting the best knife set to add to your collection of cutlery or to replace rusted knives which no longer serve their purpose efficiently, any of the following options presented below will prove to suit your needs perfectly.

If you are careful to scroll through many different options, finding the best set is easy.

After careful research and planning, we have narrowed down a sea of options into four top options for you.

 Comparison Chart




Kyocera Universal Knife Block Set

7-inch, 5.5-inch, 5-inch, 4.5 knives.

4 Knives 

Kyocera Bamboo Knife Block Set

6-inch, 5.5-inch, 4.5-inch, 3-inch knives

4 knives

Sulutionelle Ceramic Knife Set

8-inch blade and 4-inch blade

2 knives

MoiChef Premium Ceramic Knife Set

6-inch, 5-inch, 4-inch, 3-inch knives



1.  Kyocera Universal Knife Block Set

If you are looking for the best ceramic knife set available, this should be one of your top options.

Kyocera Universal Knife Block Set

Love the black design

Ceramic knife sets with a good look, several different sizes, and a high-quality sheath to place them in are hard to come by. This set comes with several different knives carefully designed to be easy to cut with, and a sturdy grip.

Kyocera Universal Knife Block Set review

Set Information:

Blade Material: Black ceramic blade.

Handle Material/ grip: Soft ergonomically crafted upper-angled handle.

Set?: 5-Piece ceramic knife set (4 knives).

Easy to use: yes

Size of the blade: 7-inch, 5.5-inch, 5-inch, 4.5 knives.

Design: Black modern design.

Sheath?:Round holding sheath for all knives in the set.

With several different sizes, ranging as low as 4.5 inches all the way up to 7 inches, any sort of chef or home-cooking expert will be able to have all of their cutting needs satisfied by this one set.

They all hold a nice uniform black design so that they look as professional as they cut.

But yet, they won’t add any sort of metallic taste to your food and are germ-resistant, making them easy to clean and effectively used for food.

The Sweet
  • Uniform design for the knives including black handles and sheath.
  • Ceramic blade material.
  • The germ-resistant design doesn’t spoil food or transfer metal taste.
  • Four high-quality knives of ranging sizes.
The bitter
  • Can be less affordable than other models

2. Kyocera Bamboo Knife Block Set

If you are willing to sacrifice a slightly higher-quality blade set in return for features like a bamboo sheath and smaller blade set, this might be the option for your needs.

Kyocera Bamboo Knife Block Set

Great deal on a set of high-quality

With a 5-piece set ranging from 6 inches down to 3 inches, these knives will be great for any home kitchen that simply wants a good set of ceramic knives.

One thing that is particularly nice about this ceramic knife set is that you can select whether you want a black or silver blade. If you want the silver blade, you can also choose to have red polymer handles.

Kyocera Bamboo Knife Block Set review

Set Information:

Blade Material: Silver or black ceramic blades.

Handle Material/ grip: Red or black polymer handles.

Set?: 5-Piece ceramic knife set (4 knives)

Easy to use: yes

Size of the blade: 6-inch, 5.5-inch, 4.5-inch, 3-inch knives.

Design: Red, black, and/or silver designs (customizable)

Sheath?: Four-slot Bamboo block sheath

Although this knife set is very comparable to the other set from Kyocera, it also has its own set of drawbacks.

For instance, the knives are not quite as big on average, and the sheath doesn’t come with the same black, modern design that is beautiful on the other set.

However, many people might still prefer this due to personal preference and simply jump on the opportunity for a great deal on a set of high-quality ceramic knives.

The Sweet
  • Bamboo block sheath has a traditional look.
  • Ceramic blade material.
  • Four high-quality ceramic knives.
  • Rubber feet on the sheath to eliminate slipping.
The bitter
  • The longest knife is only 6 inches.

3. Sulutionelle Ceramic Knife Set

If you are only wanting to purchase the best you might not want to purchase a large set equipped with many different sizes of knives.

Sulutionelle Ceramic Knife Set

Largest size knives on the list

Instead, you might prefer a setup like this which comes with an impressive 8-inch long high-quality ceramic blade.

As an added bonus, there is a 4-inch ceramic blade of the same caliber in this knife set.

The only downside is that the included sheaths are separately placed on the knives as opposed to having a central station for storing your knives.

Sulutionelle Ceramic Knife Set review

Set Information:

Blade Material: Black ceramic blades.

Handle Material/ grip: Ergonomic BPA-Free handles.

Set?: Set of two knives.

Easy to use: yes

Size of the blade: 8-inch blade and 4-inch blade

Design: Professional-looking black design

Sheath?: Two separate sheaths.

This is the best ceramic knife set option for anybody who wants to get one of the largest ceramic knives available.

Since it is included with an 8-inch blade, it is great if you need to cut large items such as watermelons and still expect to have the same efficiency with your cuts.

There is also a one-year warranty, allowing you to cut with some peace of mind that the knives are yours for an extended period of time.

The Sweet
  • Two-piece sets are typically more affordable than a larger knife set.
  • Ceramic blade material.
  • Stain and germ resistant
  • Guaranteed to never rust.8-inch blades are harder to find in a set.
  • One year warranty
The bitter
  • Separate sheaths as opposed to a central station.

4. MoiChef Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Upon first glance, many people might consider this to be the best set on the market.

MoiChef Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Great balance between price and design

If a nice balance between price and included accessories is your top option, this might be the best option for you to consider. Although there are four knives that come with your desired ceramic design, they are also smaller by average than other knife sets on this list.

MoiChef Premium Ceramic Knife Set review

Set Information:

Blade Material: Black ceramic blades.

Handle Material/ grip: Ergonomic BPA-Free handles.

Set?: Set of two knives.

Easy to use: yes

Size of the blade: 8-inch blade and 4-inch blade

Design: Professional-looking black design

Sheath?: Two separate sheaths.

As a result, many people might prefer some of the prior options over this one.

However, if you simply want a decent set of ceramic knives that can be used for cutting smaller items such as apples, lettuce heads, and other small fruits and vegetables then this is a great option to consider.

Just keep in mind that the longest blade in this ceramic knife set is only six inches and that there are separate sheaths, but no central sheath for storing your blades.

The Sweet
  • Set of four knives with colorful handles.
  • Ceramic blade material.
  • Resistant to bacteria staying on the knives
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can be included in a gift box
The bitter
  • The longest blade is only 6 inches.There is no central sheath for storing the knives.

Buyers Guide

What are Ceramic Knives-

After glancing at any of the above options, you might still be unsure whether or not ceramic knives are the best cutlery option to suit your kitchen’s needs.

Understand that any sort of purchase for the kitchen is one that will have to endure many different meals, uses, and washes.

As a result, it can sometimes be stressful to purchase something like knives, which should be expected to last a long time and remain sharp enough to be used effectively.

What are Ceramic Knives?

Ceramic knives gain their fame by their incredible hardness.

Since they are typically made with zirconia, they harbor an incredible 8.5 score on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

In comparison, steel ranges from 4.5 to 8. Diamonds, which are the hardest known mineral on this scale, have a score of 10.

This gives you an idea just how hard the average ceramic knife really is.

This is the main allure to the product and the predominant reason that people are drawn to purchasing them.

Ceramic knives are great for people who want a knife that is capable of easily cutting through average products without stressing your muscles too much.

bartender cutting lemons with ceramic Knife

Since they are pretty reasonably-priced, attractive, and easy to maintain many people prefer them for kitchen use over steel knives.

However, there are also strict differences between stainless steel and ceramic which are important to consider before purchasing a new knife set.

Ceramic vs Stainless Steel

Ceramic knives are harder than steel knives.

As a result, they cut objects much more easily than steel does.

Accordingly, ceramic knives will also hold their sharpness much longer than the typical steel knife does and can be used for long periods of time before they start to go dull.

Additionally, ceramic blades are very resistant to rust, which can easily cripple a steel blade.

Although they are very sharp, ceramic knives can also break rather easily if used for the wrong reason.

cutting paprika with ceramic Knife

For example, a steel knife might be able to successfully bend when being used for prying, picking out bones, and so on, but ceramic knives are a little more prone to breaking in these circumstances.

If you want to avoid this problem, purchase a smaller stainless steel knife for situations that you need to bend it or use another kitchen tool altogether.

After all, knives are for cutting.

stainless steel knives

Care, Storage, and Sharpening Ceramic Knives

Just like any other knife in your kitchen, ceramic knives need to be properly taken care of to ensure a long-lasting life.

Although you might be drawn to putting them in the washing machine, it is best if you wash them by hand and coddle them so that you can ensure their protection and longevity.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you want to sharpen your ceramic knives you will need to use a mineral stronger than 8.5 on Mohs scale, which can be hard to find.

better wash by hand

Many people get a sharpener which includes diamond dust for sharpening your ceramic blades.

Final veredict:

Due to its great selection of accessories, high-quality ceramic blades, and professional design, the Kyocera Universal Knife Block Set is hands-down the best ceramic knife set available for you to purchase.

Since it comes with a nice 7-inch blade, attractive sheathing system, and only the best materials, this is the best set.

For example, the Sulutionelle Ceramic Knife Set is another great option to consider since it comes with a nice 8-inch ceramic blade.

However, at the end of the day, the best knife set is one which suits your own personal needs. As a result, be sure to shop around and choose the one which best will serve your kitchen for years to come.

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